Max Heidegger AG

In the summer of 1962, Max Heidegger opened his garage, a modern business enterprise for that time, on the Landstrasse in Triesen.

He was associated with the makes Simca and Jaguar from the very start. A few months after the launch of his business, he also took over the dealership of BMW. These ambitious car marques were very much what private owners in Liechtenstein and Werdenberg wanted; sporting vehicles of a high quality for the growing community of car drivers.

Since 1978, Max Heidegger AG has also been the importer of Alpina cars for Switzerland and the Principality of Liechtenstein. This decision proved to be very promising for the future and found a positive echo from the customers of this flourishing company.

Until 1992, Max and Christa Heidegger successfully directed the business of the company themselves. From 1992, the year in which the business was moved to the new premises at Messinastrasse 1, the siblings Jasmin Collini and Jakob Heidegger have been in charge of the garage, now in existence for over 55 years.

Together with their staff, they spare no effort to be competent and reliable contacts by providing their sporting and demanding customers with a high standard of service.

Max Heidegger AG
Messinastra├če 1
FL-9495 Triesen

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