ALPINA Manufacture

ALPINA Burkard Bovensiepen GmbH + Co. KG, founded in 1965, is a family-owned, medium-sized company headed by Burkard, Andreas and Florian Bovensiepen.

The engineering and the production of high-end automobiles based on BMW models is the core of our business. Every year, between 1,200 and 1,700 automobiles leave the manufacturing plant, destined for the whole world. Every single BMW ALPINA is fitted with its individual production plaque in the interior along with an ALPINA specific VIN, which classifies the car as a product made by an officially registered automotive manufacturer.

Daily logistic transports to the BMW plants ensure a flawless material flow for the production process, which is finely coordinated with BMW. Sales are organised exclusively via BMW dealerships and importers. This partnership is unique throughout the automotive industry.

At present, more than 290* people work for ALPINA, and the company provides many apprenticeships in all areas.

* Stand at present: August 2020

Engineering Design

­ALPINA works to the “form follows function” principle. It takes a lot of iterative steps to perfectly align function, design and materials. Using sophisticated CAD programmes, our engineers develop high-end ALPINA components.

Automotive passion, state-of-the-art technical training, the permanent implementation of innovations and a well-blended team of passionate “movers” produce unique and efficient high-performance automobiles made by ALPINA, which offer perfect every-day usability.


This is where we give the typical ALPINA design elements their distinct appearance. Many little features are the key to higher aerodynamic efficiency. At ALPINA, each and every detail is honed to perfection by sophisticated wind tunnel testing.

In prototyping, the typical ALPINA design is re-interpreted from scratch for the current model portfolio. Using a 3D high-tech printer, we make each and every prototype part tangible, optimising it in terms of form, function and design. The literal “honing to perfection” is still done by hand at this stage.

Engine Production

The engine is an automobile’s heart – and from day one, the engine workshop was the heart of ALPINA.

For decades, many thousands of ALPINA engines have been assembled by hand. The specialised parts, manufactured in-house, and the parts from our suppliers, are meticulously inspected for fit and quality prior to assembly.

From racing engines to the historic powerplants of the ALPINA collectors automobiles: everything goes through the thoroughly trained hands of specialists who have a passion for precision and many years of experience.

Milling and Machining

­ALPINA components are manufactured with utmost precision. This is the job of our milling and machining department experts, who use CNC controlled machining centres to turn our engineer’s data into the actual components.

Our production portfolio encompasses prototype, series and racing components.

Development & Prototype Workshop

The test workshop is where prototype and pre-series vehicles are built by hand. The ALPINA components of a future BMW ALPINA model, including engine, transmission, tyres, wheels, brakes, suspension and damping components as well as aerodynamics, are then fine-tuned and tested in these vehicles over a period of around two years.

The locations used for the extremely comprehensive endurance and high-speed tests performed on these vehicles include Miramas (Southern France), Nardo (Southern Italy) and the Nürburgring race circuit. Low-temperature tests are carried out in Colorado, the Alps as well as our climatic chamber, while hot-country tests take place under the extreme conditions of the Middle East and Death Valley (USA). Release for series production is possible only when all testing has been completed successfully.

High Tech Test Bays

The sophisticated engineering centre enables our engineers to fulfill highly demanding technical requirements within ever-tighter limits and time frames.

Five engine test bays and an exhaust emission dynamometer featuring the latest analysis technology, enable our engineers to live up to all and any requirements. Probes and sensors monitor the engine’s heartbeat, while subjecting it to thorough testing at the same time. The development cycle for a new ALPINA engine is approximately two years. In order to simulate real-life situations an engine is going to face during its lifetime, we have a climate test chamber as well as virtualised race track programmes. That’s how we test an engine at its very limits, while at the same time optimising the engine control maps for the best balance of performance and fuel efficiency. Fuel efficiency has been a key driver for ALPINA from day one. Traditionally,
ALPINA engines achieve high power output with remarkably high fuel efficiency.

Leather & Craftsmanship

Our upholstery and saddlery workshop creates the finest upholsteries with utmost love for detail. Besides the vast BMW interior portfolio, our customers can opt for handcrafted interior features from the ALPINA saddlery. Almost limitless wishes can be fulfilled here. Liners, seams, stitchings and embossments can be combined into any desired elegant and customised combination. This will turn any BMW ALPINA into a unique car. The design options range from traditional elements of the upholstery trade to the classic ALPINA Identity Design features, all the way to our customers’ individual wishes and preferences.

The LAVALINA leather with its gorgeous touch is a very special feature in the automotive industry, peerless in terms of feel, climatic comfort and appearance. The leather is entirely natural, which provides outstanding properties in terms of temperature balancing, humidity control and breathability. This difference becomes tangible upon the first time you touch it.